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For many Portland women, a labiaplasty can help them feel more comfortable with the appearance of their genital area. During this surgical procedure, Dr. Salisbury can reduce the size of the labia for a sleeker contour that shows less. This results in a symmetrical, proportional labia that is more comfortable.

However, in many cases, the benefits of a labiaplasty are often more than just cosmetic. A number of women report increased sexual experiences after this procedure. Learn more about how getting a labiaplasty might revolutionize your next sexual encounter.

Improved Self Esteem

When having sex, the last thing you want to be thinking about is whether or not your appearance is unusual or different. . Unfortunately, some Portland women with a prominent labia sometimes feel this way, which can distract them from fully participating in the moment. When your mind is distracted with thoughts about your appearance, it is far harder to enjoy the experience.

By having a labiaplasty, you can rid your mind of these self-conscious thoughts once and for all. After the procedure, your labia will be symmetrical and well-proportioned to your body, helping you feel sexier both inside and out. Rather than worry about your appearance, you can instead fully enjoy sex, which could increase your chances of having an orgasm or feeling more free.

Less Discomfort

For many women, having a prominent labia means that it often gets in the way. For example, things like wearing tight underwear or lingerie can cause pain. If you like wearing these types of things to spice up your time in the bedroom, the discomfort may be a deterrent. In extreme cases, parts of the labia may even get trapped during sex, causing pain that will quickly put an end to further fun or more often, the silent sufferer.

After a labiaplasty, Portland women will be able to wear whatever clothing they want, tight or not. This freedom of expression will ensure that you can have fun , like others, changing the mood just for wearing a more-adventurous outfit. Women also feel freer in everyday outfits without fear of the camel-toe.

More Sensation

While a labiaplasty just involves removing excess labial tissue, many women also choose to have a clitoral hood reduction at the same time. This involves cutting away excess skin around the clitoris, which can sometimes cover up this sensitive part and prevent it from being stimulated during sex.

Overall, with less excess tissue in the labia and clitoris, you should have increased clitoral sensitivity during sex. For many women, this equates to more powerful and frequent orgasms because your partner will have better access to these regions.

Choose a Labiaplasty From Dr. Salisbury in Portland

There’s no need to continue experiencing sexual dissatisfaction when a procedure as simple as a labiaplasty can help. Reduce your negative thoughts, eliminate discomfort, and increase your sensation when you schedule a labiaplasty with Dr. Salisbury at our Portland office. She’ll determine the best approach to take to help you gain back your self-confidence and enjoy sex once again.

Give our Portland office a call today at 503-783-0544 to schedule your appointment!

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