We have extensive experience in performing all types of arm lift surgery procedures. We feel that our experience and integrated staff approach gives our patients the best chance for an optimal outcome. The technical aspects of the arm lift surgery will be tailored to your individual anatomy and personal preferences.

In most patients, an incision from the underarm to the elbow will be used. The incision will be placed at the back of the arm. With the final scar located at the back of the arm, the scar should not be visible from the front, even when you are wearing a sleeveless shirt. However, the posterior scar will be visible when viewed from behind. In most cases, we feel that this is the best scar location aesthetically and the best placement anatomically to achieve optimal tissue removal and skin reshaping.

In some cases, the scar can be placed at the inner part of the upper arm. However, with the scar placed at the inner part of the arm, the scar can sometimes be seen from the front when a sleeveless top is worn. The inner arm scar has the advantage of not being visible from behind. In our hands, we find that the inner arm scar has limitations in optimally removing skin in the underarm and outer chest regions, and therefore, we usually prefer the back of the arm scar. Regardless of the scar placement, the excess skin and underlying fat are removed. The skin is then reshaped, tightened, and closed with internal sutures.

In some cases, a mini arm lift can be performed. With the mini arm lift, an ellipse of skin is removed at the upper arm and the scar falls in the underarm area. This approach leads to a small amount of skin removal and limited skin tightening and lifting; therefore, most patients are not good candidates for a limited-scar arm lift.

An extensive skin excision procedure can be performed in patients with marked skin excess from the arm, underarm, and outer chest regions. With this extended arm lift and lateral chest lift procedure, the excess skin along the outer chest can be removed. This is an excellent solution to Portland patients that have lost massive amounts of weight and with marked skin excess at the lateral chest beyond the outer part of the breast.

The above will be reviewed during your consultation and preoperative visit with us. The above procedures have significant differences, and we tailor our approach to each individual patient.

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Recovery from Arm Lift Surgery

The recovery begins at the Meridian Center for Surgical Excellence. There you will recover from your surgery until you have good pain control and can begin taking oral medications. Arm lift surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, and you will go home one to two hours after your surgery concludes. A supportive garment with mildly compressive sleeves is placed to hold the dressings in place. You may remove the garment and shower one day after surgery. After five to seven days, you will feel well and can resume most routine home and work activities. However, exercise and vigorous activities with the arms are limited until three to four weeks after surgery.

After your arm lift surgery, the arms will be thinner and the contours will be tighter. There will be mild swelling and bruising for the first few weeks, but your new shapely and toned arms will be dramatically improved both in appearance and feel.


Our experience with all variations of arm and outer chest skin excess allows us to provide optimal results for all types of arm lift patients. Contact our office in Portland to schedule a consultation at (503) 783-0544.