Jacqueline Patient Portrait 1This experience has completely changed my life! I’ve had 3 children and areas I could not work off with diet and exercise are now gone! I was confident before but now I feel like it’s completely changed my life. I have a new body! A body that I never had, even as a teenager! I am totally thrilled and I would recommend Dr. Connall to anyone!

I was originally referred by a friend of mine who had a breast augmentation and was beyond thrilled with it. I went in initially because I was not happy with my double chin and decided on the iGuide procedure. In addition to that, I had a breast augmentation and liposuction of the flanks and the stomach area.

After seeing Dr. Connall that first day, I went to see another surgeon just to get a second opinion. They said there was no way I could get the results I wanted (a flat stomach) without having a complete tummy tuck, which is major surgery.

Dr. Connall said, “I believe I can do that with just liposuction” and with his expertise we did it and I am so thrilled! I have a flat stomach, flatter than I ever remember having before – even as a young girl!


*Individual results may vary

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