Patient Stories Video 2“My name is Laura, I am from Portland, Oregon and I am 32 years old. What I most enjoy in life is making memories. I love to travel – you know living life. I am a very active person so I’ve been working out since I was 18 years old, I’ve competed before and been trying to gain more muscle, specifically in my back end. So I’m like, okay, I’ve been doing this for years, been concentrating you know on the heavy lifting, but I also know what in the years of working out haven’t been able to do. I’ve heard about this new procedure, fat grafting, and so they were able to take you know fat from other areas, “donor areas,” and move it to where your desired area is.

Dr Connall is really thorough. When I went and talked to him, I was doing a lot of research and I had some questions already that I knew I wanted to ask in regards to the procedure, in regards to recovery. What I really liked about Dr. Connall was his background. He explained how many procedures he’s done in fat grafting. He explained the process. So when I first arrived, the staff is really welcoming, they’re great with hand-holding and that’s what I needed as a patient, I really needed someone to walk me through the steps – make me feel comfortable – and his staff is great at doing that. I love the procedures! I’m very happy, I love the way I look in my clothes. I love the way I look without my clothes! I mean, I just, I’m super excited! I’m just gonna be able to buy things that I would buy before but I was kinda self-conscious with the way that they looked and now I really don’t feel like I have that issue. So yeah, I’m extremely happy.”

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