Robin Patient Video Testimonial“My name is Robin and I live in Lake Oswego. I would say my friends and family describe me as someone who has a zest for life who is passionate about touching and moving and inspiring as many people as possible and uh telling my story.

My husband and I are fortunate to do what we love in the fitness industry and raise 2 amazing kids who keep us on our toes. When I first went in it was a little bit of research it wasn’t like oh I’m gonna go big on this i wasn’t expecting to have labiaplasty have liposuction-of all things down there that wasn’t, that wasn’t in my realm of possibilities. But I guess at the same time I had an open canvas so I was open to if there is something wrong and Dr. Salisbury was able to validate that then okay where do we go whats the solution.

My initial consult was more talking than looking at anything it was okay who are you what do you want to accomplish. Dr. Salisbury not only transformed me surgically but a Clitorial hood reduction I had extra skin on my labia and Dr. Conall preformed uh some liposuction in there as well. But Dr. Salisbury did a lot more than cosmetical surgery and more than you can repair surgically. its more that you can’t see. Just to be living a life my entire life and it seems very superficial to talk about clothes and what you wear I was hiding I wouldn’t be intimate with my husband there was so much i wouldn’t do and you think all because of a camel toe. The outcomes, I don’t have words you can’t put words on giving someone a new life. I have been transformed you can’t see Dr. Salisbury work, but you can feel it in the sense people have constantly since the surgery come up to my husband and said you know something is different about Robin she confident or her posture she’s sitting up or I’m dressing differently so Im not wearing layers and baggy clothes Dr. Salisbury made me feel like I was her daughter she made me feel like i was apart of her family I didn’t have to go anywhere else I just knew the minute I walked in.”

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