Jody headshot esprit® cosmetic surgeons“After having two children, my breasts weren’t exactly what I was hoping for so I decided to go with a breast augmentation. Having my surgery with Dr. Connall was probably one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve ever had.

I did a lot of research prior to going to see Dr. Connall so it wasn’t a decision I made in a matter of a few days, it was months and months of research until I chose him. I’m definitely satisfied! Dr. Connall made me feel like I wasn’t just money coming in, I was actually a person and I had the best experience!

I love Dr. Connall and his staff is fantastic! They are great people! I always go in and they’re like, “Hey, Jody! What’s going on?” It’s not, “Who is this person?” They’re fantastic! I actually consider them to be friends and on my last visit there I brought them homemade jam just because I love them so much. They’re great people!”

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