Experience Powerful & Quick Skin Polishing with ProFractional

Do you faithfully take care of your skin—wear sun protection, cleanse, hydrate, and exfoliate—but still aren’t seeing results that scream “WOW!”? Over time, sun exposure, aging, and scarring from acne may compromise your skin. Restore the appearance of a healthy, youthful complexion and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and more with the safe, effective ProFractional Laser System.

The Sciton ProFractional Laser System delivers deep skin resurfacing and transformative results. If you want dramatic improvements in your skin or if you have wrinkles that have not improved enough with less aggressive laser treatments or peels, then the ProFractional Laser System is a great option. From wrinkles to acne scars, scar revision, and more, our expert team at Esprit Aesthetic Medicine can customize a ProFractional treatment program to address your unique skincare concerns.

What ProFractional Treats

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Dull skin
  • Acne scars
  • Surgical scars

How ProFractional Skin Revitalization Works

ProFractional creates narrow channels in the skin to stimulate natural collagen remodeling, resulting in the appearance of younger-looking and refreshed skin. This is an “ablative” laser treatment where the narrow channels are created by vaporization of the skin cells in the laser micro-beam’s path. The key to the effectiveness of this technology is this: The column of tissue injury stimulates a very strong wound healing response leading to the growth of healthy new skin cells and robust collagen formation. For the most vigorous wound healing stimulation and the most dramatic results, this type of injury is necessary. The trick to quick healing and minimal downtime is that the ProFractional treats only a fraction of the skin and leaves the surrounding tissue intact. This is unlike full-field resurfacing techniques that ablate the entire outer skin surface area of a treatment site.

What to Expect with ProFractional

We apply a topical anesthetic to ensure ProFractional is comfortable for patients. Your treatment will take about 45 minutes. You should feel minimal to no discomfort as your provider delivers a ProFractional treatment to your skin. After the treatment, most patients will continue to feel warm for 30 to 60 minutes with deeper treatment levels.

The speed of your recovery following treatment can vary based on the treatment’s intensity, and the specific skin concerns you’re addressing. There is no heavy or time-intensive post-care—patients can be back at work and enjoy normal social activities within a few days of treatment.


Experience Dramatic Results with Combination Treatments

What if it was possible to provide an even more comprehensive treatment and more noticeable results for your skin? It is—with the power of ScitonStaX™ combination treatments.

StaX with ProFractional and BBL® HERO™️ successfully addresses pigmented lesions. This combination reduces irregular pigmentation with the BBL and gives a maximum level of wrinkle reduction and skin tone with the ProFractional laser. The Sciton HALO laser system and Sciton vascular laser can also be used in combination with ProFractional treatments.

With so many treatment options available, our team at Esprit Aesthetic Medicine has tools to approach every skin condition with ultramodern treatment technologies. Please see us for a consultation and we’ll formulate a treatment plan to help you achieve your appearance and skincare goals.