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Our entire Pre-Surgery Process includes time spent with Dr. Connall. This is especially important as he will be the one performing your surgery. Dr. Connall, along with his clinic and surgery teams are here to support you during each step of this process.

Preparing for Your Pre-Op Appointment

You’ve completed your consultation appointment and have scheduled your surgery with one of our patient care coordinators! Now, WE (meaning YOU and our TEAM) will begin preparing for your pre-operative (pre-op) appointment that will be scheduled for 2-3 weeks prior to your date of surgery.

In preparation for the pre-op appointment, you will receive an important pre-op email and need to complete an online pre-op packet. Please read these thoroughly and write down any questions you may have, to ask during your pre-op appointment. Please Note: All necessary tests requested for your individual surgery, such as a mammogram and/or blood work, along with your online pre-op packet, will need to be completed and submitted, prior to your pre-op appointment.

Your Pre-Op Appointment

This appointment will be virtual (in certain cases it may need to be in-person) and its sole purpose is to finalize all of the essential information and planning for your individual surgery.

We will do a final review of your medical history, confirm the completion of all necessary tests for your individual surgery and review your operative plan. For implant patients, the implant style, size, and volume are determined. Your prescriptions for medications are reviewed. We discuss the arrangements for the day of surgery including how to prepare for your procedure and what to expect after surgery.

You will review your surgical plan and informed consent materials directly with Dr. Connall and will have the opportunity to ask him any questions you would like to. Please know that we welcome questions at all times, as our mission is to keep you well informed and well prepared for your surgery.

And finally, full payment for surgery and anesthesia are due at this appointment. Payment details are included on your original quote and included in your pre-op email.

The pre-op visit is an exciting one. Sometimes patients are a bit nervous, but this is usually resolved as the planning and anticipation of your upcoming surgery come together.

Schedule Your Pre-Op Appointment Today

Esprit® Cosmetic cannot wait to help you prepare for surgery through a pre-op appointment. If you have not already scheduled one, call us now at (503) 783-0544 to book your visit. You can also use our online contact form to schedule your pre-op appointment.