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Female model for healing after breast augmentation surgery. Often, the excitement of breast augmentation surgery is only tempered by one concern: recovery. Healing from any major surgery takes time, and elective surgery is no exception. While recovery timelines vary, most patients fully recover in about six weeks.

Dr. Connall has extensive experience, having performed thousands of breast augmentations and managing patients’ recovery. He and his staff employ the latest techniques and advancements to ensure that your procedure and recovery are as easy and comfortable as possible.

Here, we outline a typical recovery from breast augmentation. You will receive additional specific information during your consultation with us.

Immediately After Your Surgery: Grogginess

When you first wake up from anesthesia after your breast augmentation, you will feel a little groggy. You will need someone to drive you home and stay with you for at least the first night after surgery.

Plan to rest on the day of surgery. You may use ice on the upper breasts to help with pain control and reduction of swelling. The day after surgery, you may shower normally and use your arms to put on clothing and comb your hair. You will not have any drains, bulky dressings, or compressive wraps after surgery. Just plan on wearing a comfortable T-shirt or tank top after surgery. Plan to take at least two to three days off after surgery so you can focus on healing and resting.

Three to Seven Days Post-Surgery: Swelling and Moving

You can facilitate your recovery by getting up regularly and moving around. By performing small tasks and walking around regularly, you should regain your range of motion faster. Additionally, moving helps your blood flow and opens up your lungs, which improves healing and helps prevent blood clots from forming in your legs.

While it will be a couple more weeks before you can exercise, regular daily activities such as getting the mail, going on walks, making meals, and driving (when you feel strong and are off pain medication) are fine in the days immediately following breast augmentation surgery.

First Week After Surgery: Resuming Normal Activities

Most patients who work in an office are ready to return to work 2-3 days after surgery.

Your breasts may appear full on top and flat on the bottom, with a high position on the chest. The presence of upper breast swelling is a big part of this odd appearance. It is also normal because your tissues must adjust and expand to accommodate the breast implants. Don’t worry; the breast tissues stretch, the swelling reduces, and your new breasts begin to take on a nice shape within 2-3 weeks. We refer to this process as “settling.”

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Three to Six Weeks Post-Surgery: Light Exercise

Patients with more strenuous jobs may return to work around three weeks after their procedure.

You may resume cardiovascular exercise, such as brisk walks, running, or using an elliptical, three weeks after surgery. Between three and six weeks, the natural “dropping, settling, and fluffing” process tends to occur.  

Six Weeks to Three Months: Settling, Dropping, and Fluffing

After your breast augmentation, some shifts occur as your body makes room for your new implants. Initially, you will experience postoperative swelling, which is normal and happens after any surgical procedure.

The initial swelling is one of the reasons your implants may look high on your chest and less round than expected. This is especially true in almost every Esprit patient because Dr. Connall typically places breast implants under the pectoralis muscle. This swelling and tenting of the muscle will make your breasts appear high and square-shaped near your collarbones.

As swelling recedes and the muscles relax, you will move into the “dropping and fluffing” stage. The implants will gradually shift lower in their pocket, dropping (or settling) into place. Once the implant settles, it expands slightly and “fluffs” into its rounder, fuller shape.

This process tends to occur six weeks to three months after surgery as your breasts gradually shift into a full, natural shape. It may take as long as six to nine months before the final, stable appearance of your augmented breast is realized.

Skilled Surgeons Create Better Recoveries

Your body is unique, so your recovery will be too. Esprit Cosmetic Surgeons works with each patient to help them understand their recovery process and resume their everyday activities as soon as possible.

The key to rapid recovery is to have a precise, expertly performed breast augmentation under the gentlest and safest anesthesia. Dr. Connall and his team have developed such a surgical approach to breast implant surgery. Having performed thousands of breast augmentation procedures, Dr. Connall has developed a gentle technique that leads to virtually no bleeding or bruising in most patients. Many of our patients feel so comfortable after their breast augmentation that they take no narcotic pain medication after surgery and return to basic daily activities in 2-3 days.

Take the next step in enhancing your figure and loving your results. Learn more about breast augmentation with a consultation at Esprit Cosmetic Surgeons in Portland, Oregon.

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