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Expect a phone call the evening before surgery by our anesthesia provider. Look over your medication schedule and the fasting guidelines we have provided. It is critical for your safety that you follow the fasting guideline sheet precisely. Enjoy a quiet evening, go to bed early, and get some nice rest before your big day.

You will arrive at the Meridian Center for Surgical Excellence about one hour before your procedure. You will be cared for by an experienced team of professionals including pre-operative, intra-operative and recovery room nurses, a certified anesthesia provider, and a surgical technician.

Surgical Planning

Your surgeon will greet you in the pre-op room and discuss the operative plan, perform operative markings for planning, and answer any questions you may have. Though you may be a bit nervous, the pre-op session with your surgeon is relaxed and thoughtful.

Your Surgery Recovery

You will be tired, sleepy and sore during the afternoon and evening following your surgery. Take your prescribed pain medication and muscle relaxants as written.

A support person must help you at home during the first night after surgery. With most procedures you will be able to care for yourself, go to the bathroom, and have a light meal and drink liquids.

Be assured, we will do everything possible to make you comfortable and relaxed before, during and after your procedure. When patients reflect on the day of surgery with friends, family and us, most say the experience was easier than they expected.

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