We understand that the cost of undergoing plastic surgery is a key concern for patients. We are happy to present detailed information about the costs of our procedures as you explore your options. However, we caution you to look at pricing very carefully, especially when comparing between offices. It is critical to know the precise details of the proposed surgery and what is covered in the price quote. Make sure that you are making an “apples-to-apples” comparison when you look at prices.

The experience, skill, results, safety record, and quality of the surgical center provided during your surgical experience are paramount and must be assessed with the greatest care. Plastic surgery is not a commodity like you have when buying an airline ticket. Plastic surgery is real surgery, and results and experiences vary. Our over 6,000 happy Esprit patients know the value we provide. That is why most of our new patients are references from prior patients. Our patients believe that when their body and life are in the balance, paying for optimal care is worth it.

Key things to consider:

  1. The prices presented here are typical costs. Every patient is special, so a guaranteed quote can only be given after a consultation.
  2. These prices are for everything and include the cost for the surgeon, surgery center, implants, anesthesia, post-op garments, and pre and post-operative visits. Medications are taken at home (which range in cost from $50-$200) are not included in these prices.
  3. Our breast augmentation pricing rarely varies from the listed price.
  4. When comparing breast augmentation prices, be sure to compare the same implants, as different implant technologies have different costs. 
  5. Price ranges are given for many procedures. It is a matter of anatomy and the complexity of the procedure or procedures being performed. Complex operations take more time. As operating time increases, so do costs.
  6. We perform combined procedures. A combined procedure costs less than if the procedures are performed separately.
  7. These prices are for Dr. Connall as the surgeon. Dr. Connall is a board-certified, highly respected surgeon with more than 20 years of experience in care that promotes patient safety and comfort. Be sure to compare surgeons carefully.
  8. These prices are for the Meridian Center for Surgical Excellence as the surgery center. Our facility is a top-notch, fully licensed, and accredited ambulatory surgery center.
  9. Financing through Care Credit is available.


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