10 Labiaplasty Recovery Tips

Undergoing labiaplasty is a big decision. With the help of your team, we hope you will make the best decision for you. That being said, there is a slight recovery period after the procedure. You’ll be restricted from work or school for about one to two weeks, but full recovery takes longer.... Read More »

How Can Labiaplasty Enhance My Sexual Experience?

For many Portland women, a labiaplasty can help them feel more comfortable with the appearance of their genital area. During this surgical procedure, Dr. Salisbury can reduce the size of the labia for a sleeker contour that shows less. This results in a symmetrical, proportional labia that is more comfortable.... Read More »

3 Common Reasons for Vaginal Rejuvenation to Restore or Renew the Vagina

Vaginal Rejuvenation is a descriptive term and requires a specialist to diagnose what it is that is needed. It involves an array of treatments that can restore vaginal health in a number of ways. It can tighten, restore anatomy or restore physiology. Any woman can consider such procedures, however, most commonly it is for women who have undergone extreme weight loss, had children or have congenital findings. It is also for menopausal women who want to feel young again.... Read More »

3 Ways Labiaplasty Helps Women Increase Sexual Function

Labiaplasty is a popular choice for many Portland women who are uncomfortable with the size, shape, or asymmetry of their labia. it is also a popular choice for women who want to improve intimacy or confidence. . .women who have a labial issue cannot get support from those that just don’t understand. We get it, and we can speak your language. Talk to our team about how your labia affect your quality of life.... Read More »

Round Breast Implants vs. Shaped Breast Implants

During your initial consultation with Esprit Cosmetic Surgeons, we will help you explore our aesthetic services and answer any questions you have about treatment. Based on years of experience and one of the greatest numbers of breast augmentation procedures performed in Portland, Oregon , we have developed numerous techniques that create natural-looking and beautiful breasts.... Read More »

Is Implant Shape More Important Than Size for a Breast Augmentation?

Esprit Cosmetic Surgeons works with Portland breast augmentation patients to meet their aesthetic goals—not just our idea of what the outcome should be. Together, Dr. Connall and the patient develop a vision for how the result should look and feel, and he leverages his expertise and years of experience to make this vision a reality.... Read More »

Choosing a quality plastic surgeon

Whether you are interested in a face lift, breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, or a less invasive cosmetic treatment, the goal of plastic surgery is to enhance your appearance and quality of life.  There are many considerations to factor in when thinking about plastic surgery and the process can get confusing. ... Read More »

Groundbreaking scar research at Esprit Cosmetic Surgeons

Over the last few years our team at Connall Cosmetic Surgery has had the honor of working with Excaliard Pharmaceuticals, Inc. as a clinical research site.  Excaliard is a San Diego-based company that has developed a novel investigational drug designed to decrease post-operative scarring.  I have been a primary investigator tasked with testing the drug in surgical patients. As a research site, we have performed clinical trials to test the safety and effectiveness of the drug on scars when used in the immediate healing phase.... Read More »

Technology in Plastic Surgery

I recently attended the 2nd Technology in Plastic Surgery conference in San Francisco.  The meeting was very informative, covering may key issues related to aesthetic and reconstructive surgery problems.  Most plastic surgery meetings are about surgical technique- how to perform procedures in the operating room.  This meeting was quite different.  It was about science and technology to improve patient outcomes in the clinic and operating room settings.... Read More »

Breast Implant Safety Update

The FDA released an update on the safety of silicone gel breast implants last week.  This report benefits from additional data acquired from long-term breast implant studies and recent follow-up studies since silicone gel implants were release for general use in the U.S. in 2006. (The implants were never restricted from use in Europe).  In addition, the FDA reviewed the current scientific literature related to breast augmentation with implants.... Read More »

Breast Reconstruction – State of the Art

Last weekend I attended an excellent plastic surgery conference in New York City.  The meeting was entitled; Breast Reconstruction – State of the Art.  The meeting was held at New York University School of Medicine.  It was great to be back at NYU, my medical school alma mater, for this exciting multidisciplinary meeting. ... Read More »

The Juvederm Advantage for Lip Augmentation

More and more often, women have become interested in lip augmentation to provide greater fullness for the lips, as well as, improve the appearance of irregular lip borders. So, if you are interested in lip augmentation, you can have confidence in knowing a filler, like Juvederm, is the preferred choice. Now, let’s explore why.... Read More »

2011 American Society of Plastic Surgeons meeting

I just returned from the annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) in Denver. This convention is the largest meeting of plastic surgeons in the world. There were about 2000 board-certified plastic surgeons in attendance. The meeting is a great combination of large educational presentations, small surgical courses, industry trade show, and business meetings. ... Read More »

Tamayo, Dominican Republic – Day 5 and 6

Legacy of Healing is a non-profit organization based in Denver, but most of the members are from Dayton, Ohio.  My connection to the group goes to the days that I lived in Dayton while I was an attending plastic surgeon at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  The 50 individuals on this trip brought a wide variety of skills as well as a great knack to work together in adverse conditions) to form cohesive medical, surgical, and community outreach teams.... Read More »

Tamayo, Dominican Republic – Day Three and Four

There is a backstory on the logistics of setting up an independent surgical service. As is routine for such missions around the world, we brought our own supplies from sutures to anesthesia machines and everything else needed to provide surgical care from pre-op to discharge.  Supplies were carried in over twenty bags checked as baggage by team members.  Another 3,000 pounds of supplies were shipped in advance by DHL. ... Read More »

Tamayo, Dominican Republic – Day One and Two

We arrived at the public hospital in Tamayo, Dominican Republic.  Three surgical teams evaluated over 350 patients.  Our teams are plastic surgery, general surgery and orthopedic hand surgery.  The plastic surgery candidates presented with congenital anomalies, burn injuries, soft tissue masses, and disfiguring scars.  Over 150 patients were scheduled for surgery, forty for plastic surgery.... Read More »

Guyana Surgical Mission- Part III

We had an extremely productive and educational trip to Guyana! During the week we were there, our team completed over 150 successful operations. We also administered hundreds of medical treatments to patients who may have otherwise gone without treatment. I will let the photos speak for themselves. Both patients and doctors were pleased with the amazing week we had there.... Read More »

Guyana Surgical Mission- Part II

On Sunday, the day after our arrival in Guyana, our entire team went to work. The surgeons and support staff went to the nearby Seventh Day Adventist church to see patients. Before our arrival, word of our mission had spread throughout the country with announcements, flyers, and by word-of-mouth through the medical community. Guyanese citizens from remote regions of the country traveled from afar to see us, and residents of Georgetown traveled only a few miles as they would to see their local doctor.... Read More »

Surgical Mission to Guyana

I recently traveled to Guyana, South America on a surgical mission. I have much to share from this mission and will post entries here in the coming days to to describe this amazing experience. On June 18, 2010, I departed for Guyana to join the Legacy of Healing team on a surgical mission. This was my third surgical mission, my first with Legacy of Healing. My first two missions were to Honduras.... Read More »