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Blond model in black bathing suit tank top at beach esprit® cosmetic surgeonsEsprit® Cosmetic Surgeons works with Portland breast augmentation patients to meet their aesthetic goals—not just our idea of what the outcome should be. Together, Dr. Connall and the patient develop a vision for how the result should look and feel, and he leverages his expertise and years of experience to make this vision a reality.

In general, Dr. Connall has found that the style of implant he uses in a breast augmentation procedure is more important than the size alone. The right style of implant can give the breasts a more beautiful and noticeable appearance, particularly if the implants are well matched to the patient’s anatomy and to the existing breast shape and size.

Adding fullness to the breasts without shaping the breasts properly tends to have a less effective result. Increasing the volume of the breast tissue with an implant will make them larger, but the results may not look natural or aesthetically appealing if the shape is not right. Successful outcomes tend to combine both an increase in size and improved shape for a youthful, full, and attractive appearance.

Categories of Breast Augmentation Implants

Esprit® Cosmetic Surgeons recommends two basic shapes of implant for Portland breast augmentation patients: round and teardrop. Round implants have a circular shape and rise evenly from their circumference to a smooth apex. Teardrop implants have more volume in their lower portion than in their upper portion. During the initial consultation, patients will have a chance to learn about the benefits of each option, and Dr. Connall will make recommendations based on patient needs and preferences.

Our practice also utilizes a variety of styles within each implant shape. The design that Dr. Connall chooses may be wide and flat, narrow and outward projecting, or another style. Implants may also be smooth, which allows the implant to move naturally within the surgical pocket, or textured, which helps the implant stay in the position.

Implant Shapes and Body Types

Different implant shapes may work best for different body contours. For example:

  • Portland breast augmentation patients with small breasts may benefit from an implant that gives shape to the breast as well as fullness. A teardrop implant offers both of these features.
  • Patients who have larger breasts, to begin with—a C cup patient, for example—tend to have the shape they desire already and simply want additional fullness. A small round implant can create more volume without affecting the shape of the breast.

Some patients are surprised to learn that shaped implants, and round implants can provide different advantages. They may have conducted research or spoken with other providers who have experience mostly with one implant type or the other. Our Portland breast augmentation patients benefit from the fact that Dr. Connall has experience with a variety of implant shapes and styles. This allows him to choose the option that best suits the patient’s needs and goals and leads to an attractive outcome.

Portland breast augmentation patients can learn more about their options with implants by scheduling a consultation with Esprit® Cosmetic Surgeons. 

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