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Problems with Excess Skin

Losing a large amount of weight from weight loss surgery or through diet and exercise is a major accomplishment. After such a success, some people are left with large amounts of heavy, loose folds of skin around the abdomen, arms, thighs, breasts, buttocks and face. Skin can sag and lose elasticity which can result in rashes and other skin irritations in those folds of the skin. In addition, excess skin can be a cosmetic issue. People who have had such significant weight loss generally have a more positive outlook and image of themselves and may want to remove the excess skin to complete their new look. Body-contouring plastic surgery may be the solution.

Case 1198 Before and After Left Oblique View
Case 1198 Before and After Left Side View


Body lift procedures remove the loose skin you can’t diet or exercise away. In many cases, patients have achieved massive weight loss resulting in large amounts of loose, excess skin. With a lower body lift the tummy is tightened and the excess skin and fat are removed all the way around the body to achieve youthful and aesthetic proportions. With thigh and buttock lifts, specific areas of the body are sculpted with tissue removal and repositioning.

What to Expect

A lower body lift is a lengthy and complex procedure. Be assured, our team has extensive experience with body lift surgery  – one of the greatest experiences in Portland. We perform the lower body lift using general anesthesia. The key incision for the lower body lift is placed along the lower abdomen and flanks and just above the buttocks. This incision and the areas for skin removal are designed with long-term aesthetics in mind. The incision is designed to place the scar in an area that is covered by desired clothing styles the patient wants to wear, such as low-rise jeans and bikinis.

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With a lower body lift, the buttocks are lifted and reduced in size. In some patients, the buttocks are small and flat before surgery. A lower body lift can make such flattening worse. A nice solution to this problem is to perform simultaneous buttock augmentation. There are multiple approaches to buttock augmentation. Our extensive experience with fat grafting lends itself to creating enhanced results with buttock fat grafting at the time of the lower body lift and after, as a second-stage procedure.

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