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Liposuction is the only procedure proven to immediately remove unwanted fat. Our liposuction procedures are performed using the Body-Jet liposuction system. The Body-Jet liposuction machine provides a very gentle and safe approach to liposuction. With this gentle approach, patients generally have less discomfort during and after surgery and less down time after surgery. 

Liposuction can sculpt the body by removing undesirable fat from many areas. Liposuction is also known as suction lipectomy or liposculpture. Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed in the United States. Liposuction can effectively sculpt the abdomen, waist, back, hips, thighs, arms, and neck.

Case 1220 Liposuction Before and After Left Side View
Case 1220 Liposuction Before and After Front Oblique View

The best candidates for Body-Jet liposuction are those patients with longstanding or familial fat deposits that cannot be eliminated even with appropriate diet and exercise. In this setting, liposuction is used to sculpt areas to achieve more aesthetic body curves and proportions. “Saddle bags” in women and “love handles” in men are two common examples of areas that are often treated with liposuction. Multiple areas such as the abdomen, hips and thighs can often be treated during one surgery. If your clothes do not fit quite right or you have some areas that you wish to reshape and refine then liposuction may be a great solution for you.

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Liposuction and Other Procedures 

Breast and Body Augmentation with Body Jet Fat

For those women who have said for years: “If only I could take some fat from my tummy or thighs and put it in my breasts.” Now it is possible!

The Body-Jet is a unique tool for fat transfer surgery. Since the Body-Jet suction technique is so gentle, the fat cells are nicely preserved and are excellent for enhancing other areas of the body. The fat cells are simply suctioned away, filtered, placed in syringes and meticulously injected into the desired area for augmentation. This introduces exciting possibilities for enhancing the breasts, buttocks and face with your own tissue.

Liposuction and Tummy Tuck

We often perform liposuction with other body-contouring procedures. Liposuction is often used during abdominoplasty surgery to sculpt the immediate surrounding areas, including the flanks. In addition, some patients who undergo a tummy tuck wish to have their thighs and/or arms sculpted with liposuction during the same surgery.

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Recovery From Liposuction Surgery

The liposuction surgery will be performed at the Meridian Center for Surgical Excellence. Our entire surgery center staff has great experience in caring for liposuction patients. You will be fully awake immediately after surgery. Soon after you will be able to drink water and have a light snack. Your recovery in the Meridian Center will take about one hour. Body-Jet liposuction patients go home immediately after discharge from the Meridian Center. 

Expect to take off about three to five days from work and home activities after liposuction surgery. The areas of liposuction will be tender and sore. You will need to take narcotic pain medicine for at least the first few days after surgery. After three to five days you will feel well and start to resume normal home activities. You will be able to resume exercise as tolerated two or three weeks after surgery and you can resume full-unlimited activity six weeks after surgery. Though you will immediately see the improvements made by liposuction, you will have significant swelling for several weeks. Indeed, due to swelling, it will take at least two to three months before you can see your new figure and a full six months after surgery are required before the results of your new body can be assessed. 

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