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Sexy model in water wearing black bathing suit esprit® cosmetic surgeonsIt is a common misconception that breast implants must be replaced every 10 years. The truth is that if your implants are intact, soft, and in good position, there is no need to have a breast augmentation revision.

However, you may feel the need to make adjustments after your original procedure. Or, you may have concerns about the structural integrity of your implants or you may have a problem with your breast augmentation, such as capsular contracture. With more than 3,000 augmentation procedures performed, we have extensive experience performing breast augmentation revision. We can help women with implants restore their ideal breast size, shape, and appearance.

Here are five common reasons why our Portland patients choose to have breast revision surgery:

1. You Are Not Happy with the Size of Your Breasts

It is only natural that as women go through different phases of life, sometimes the role their breasts play in creating their body image changes. Whether you want to be smaller or bigger, a breast revision can create a new breast size that fits you correctly. We have extensive experience (in our own patients and patients from elsewhere) exchanging implants for a new size that is in line with each patient’s evolved aesthetic goals.

2. Your Implants Are Broken

If your implants have ruptured, we highly recommend that you have a breast augmentation revision. Portland patients with a deflated saline implant will usually see a dramatic decrease in the size of the affected breast. Though, on occasion, a saline implant leak is only partial, causing a decrease in breast size, but not complete deflation. A failed silicone breast implant typically cannot be noticed visually or on breast examination. Therefore, silicone implant failures must be confirmed with an MRI or ultrasound. In either case, Esprit® Cosmetic Surgeons can replace the existing implant with a new one to restore a symmetrical and attractive appearance.

3. You Want to Correct Visible Skin Rippling

Saline implants can sometimes create tiny waves along the surface of the breast. If you are experiencing this issue, we may recommend switching to silicone implants, which greatly reduce the likelihood of visible skin rippling. In addition, we often perform concurrent breast fat grafting to provide more fatty soft tissue coverage to hide the edges of the implant. Indeed, for those with visible implant rippling with silicone implants, breast fat transfer around the implants is often the best treatment option available. As a leader and innovator in combining fat transfer with breast implants, we make sure the procedure produces the visible texture you need.

4. You Want to Adjust the Position of Your Breast Implants

Portland women who have implants placed too high or low may benefit from a breast augmentation revision. We can restore a natural-looking and attractive appearance by repositioning the breast implants. In some cases, changing the type and/or size of the implants is an important adjunct to implant repositioning surgery.

5. You Are Experiencing Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is a complication of breast augmentation where thick, abnormal scar tissue forms around an implant. As the abnormal tissue contracts, it distorts the implant resulting in a firm and misshaped breast. In advanced cases of capsular contracture, we usually restore the breast by removing the scar tissue and placing a new implant. In complicated and recurrent cases of capsular contracture, we sometimes need to place special materials such as the acellular dermal matrix product Strattice.

Esprit® Cosmetic Surgeons has more than 20 years of experience performing breast revision surgery for Portland patients and can address the above problems. We will pay meticulous attention to every detail and bring high-grade surgical skills to your care, with the goal of giving you the breast symmetry, shape, and beauty you desire.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts after augmentation surgery, learn about your options with a breast revision by reading our website. Portland patients can contact Esprit® Cosmetic Surgeons for an appointment.

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