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Female model, with pink background, for breast augmentation. Breast augmentation surgery should result in an improvement that affects more than just your breast size. When properly performed, breast augmentation will add curves to your figure, balancing your upper and lower body. 

Achieving ideal breast augmentation results requires considering many factors, including the implants’ measurements and optimal positioning, as well as how those components work on your specific frame.

At Esprit Cosmetic Surgeons in Portland, Oregon, Dr. Connall leads our team with his extensive experience and more than 3,300 breast surgeries performed. There are multiple considerations he assesses when using implants to refine your figure. Here we look at some factors that help him achieve your ideal augmentation results.

Implant Size Is Complex

Choosing an implant requires factoring in more than just cup size. Implants have three measurements: diameter, projection, and volume. Each of these measurements is essential in determining how the implant will affect your appearance.

Implant Diameter

The diameter of an implant is its width and height. When an implant is wider and taller, it will create more fullness in the upper portion of the breast. Wider implants create more cleavage and fullness on the sides of the breast. 

Determining the correct implant diameter depends on your body type, the width of your breasts, the amount of space between your breasts, and any skin laxity in your chest. 

Dr. Connall assesses your anatomy and measurement during your initial consultation. Then, after determining your ideal implant diameter, you’ll move on to choosing its projection.

Implant Projection

An implant’s projection is also called its profile, as the projection determines how your breasts look from a side view or “in profile.” Patients who choose a high-profile breast implant will have more projection, creating a rounder, pointier chest profile that is fuller at the bottom of the breast. Lower profile breasts often result in a softer, flatter look.

Most average-sized patients benefit from a moderate projection in their implants, which provides a more natural appearance. However, since bodies come in all shapes and sizes, determining the best projection for your figure can be challenging. Dr. Connall’s extensive experience and trained eye allow him to assess your frame and help you choose the ideal projection to best suit your figure and achieve your overall goals.

The terminology around implant projection/profile is confusing. It means, in reality, the opposite of what it sounds like to most patients. High profile implants do not sit high on the chest. High profile implants are actually relatively “short” and give less upper breast fullness than any other implant styles. Low profile implants are the “tallest” and give the most upper breast fullness. 

Implant Volume

While the volume of the implant determines how big the breasts will appear, choosing the right volume for your desired look depends on how much space the implant occupies in the breast tissue. 

As part of your consultation with Dr. Connall using our Vectra 3D computer simulations, you’ll have the opportunity to see the differences in implant volume and how various sizes will appear on your frame. The simulator offers you the unique opportunity to envision your results.

How Position Affects Breast Fullness

The positioning of a breast implant dictates where the breast is fullest. For example, patients seeking a fuller breast shape may opt for more upper pole fullness, meaning the implant placement should fill out the breast area above the nipple. On the other hand, a more natural look will have a fuller lower pole.

Many factors play a part when determining the ideal placement of your implant. Your body type, your current breast tissue, the size and shape of your implants, and your desired results are just a few. 

Depend on Portland’s Advanced Breast Augmentation Center

Achieving excellent results in augmentation surgery requires an artistic eye and extensive experience of the surgical team. When you work with Dr. Connall at Esprit Cosmetic Surgeons, you can gain reassurance knowing that we have thousands of very happy breast augmentation patients. Learn more about what breast augmentation surgery can do for you. 


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