Look Young & Radiant

Don’t let fine lines and wrinkles cause you to look and feel older than you are. The team at Esprit® Cosmetic Surgeons offers Dysport® to the Portland community. This neuromodulator can reduce, if not eliminate, the appearance of most lines and wrinkles for the duration of treatment.

What Is Dysport?

Dysport is the second most popular neuromodulator in the world. Like BOTOX®, Dysport works by blocking the signal from the nerve to the muscles, reducing muscle activity and temporarily preventing contraction of the muscles that cause frown lines. The active ingredient in Dysport and BOTOX is essentially the same molecule, both derived from the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. In the formulation process, slight differences in the neurotoxin and the carrier proteins in BOTOX and Dysport are produced, creating slightly different results.

Why Choose Dysport?

Dysport is an effective neuromodulator that takes about 3-4 days before its benefits are visible, allowing patients to have a smoother appearance faster than similar products. Additionally, as every patient’s physiology is unique, you may find that Dysport is the neuromodulator product that lasts the longest for you. In cases where a different toxin has decreased in effectiveness over time, switching to Dysport may help. Our team at Esprit Cosmetic Surgeons will guide you through your choice by reviewing your personal health history and making recommendations that fit your goals the best.

Indications That Dysport Is Right For You

Suitable Dysport candidates are those in good general health who want to improve their appearance by reducing unwanted lines or wrinkles across the face. Specifically, Dysport is designed to treat crow’s feet around the eyes, frown lines in between the eyebrows, and lines across the forehead. On average, the results of Dysport will last three to four months, after which time you would return to Esprit Cosmetic Surgeons for retreatment. Dysport can also be combined with dermal fillers like Juvederm or Restylane for a more comprehensive treatment plan.

As always, we don’t expect you to make this decision alone. When you see us for a consultation, our staff will review this information with you to help you make an informed and confident decision.

Schedule a Dysport Consultation Today

Esprit® Cosmetic Surgeons is happy to discuss Dysport and its benefits with you. Dr. Timothy Connall is here to help you determine if Dysport can give you the look you want. Call our office in Portland, OR today at (503) 487-2311 or contact us online to schedule a Dysport consultation.