Breast Augmentation Recovery Visualized

The recovery from breast augmentation surgery is multi-faceted. While most of the physical and emotional recovery occurs within 1-2 weeks after surgery, the recovery of the augmented breasts to their final appearance usually takes several months. To help patients of our Portland practice visualize the recovery process, Esprit® Cosmetic explains the recovery process with examples of the different stages below.

Swelling After Breast Augmentation

The first phase of recovery is the resolution of swelling. You can expect for your breasts to be very swollen for 4 weeks after surgery. Usually most the swelling is at the upper part of the breasts due to edema of the pectoralis major muscle. In addition to swelling, the breasts also usually look very full on top because the implants are typically in a high position on the chest immediately after surgery. It can take weeks, or sometimes even months, for the implants to settle, or “drop” into the desired position.

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Tissue Stretching After Breast Augmentation

For the breasts to look and feel soft and natural, the skin and soft tissue must stretch. This process of tissue expansion can last several months. Each woman’s recovery is different. In patients with tight and small breasts, the recovery will likely take several months before the desired results are realized.

In patients with looser and larger breasts (especially women that have had children), the breasts can be nearly recovered and look nice within 6-8 weeks after surgery.

Photo Series Following Breast Augmentation

Below, we provide a series of photos showing the recovery of the breasts after augmentation surgery. This is a patient with very tight breasts, so the post-operative swelling and high position of the implants are extreme. Most of our patients look much more natural early after surgery.

Before breast augmentation Copy

This is a pre-operative photo of a patient undergoing axillary endoscopic breast augmentation. In this patient the breasts are small and the skin is tight. For the breast augmentation to look nice, the skin and soft tissues will need to expand to allow the implants to settle into good position and for the breasts to look soft.

one week After breast augmentation

This is one week after axillary endoscopic breast augmentation. Here the breast implants are high on the chest, the pectoralis major muscles at the top of the breasts are very swollen and the breast skin is tight. This appearance is typical during the first few weeks after surgery for patients that have small and tight breasts before breast augmentation surgery.

3 months After breast augmentation

This photo was taken three months after axillary endoscopic breast augmentation. The swelling has resolved, the skin has loosened and the breast implants have “dropped” into a nice position on the chest.

6 Months After breast augmentation

This picture is six months after axillary endoscopic breast augmentation. The skin has fully stretched, the breast implants are in excellent position and the breasts are soft and natural appearing.

See the results of breast augmentation surgery of past patients Esprit® Cosmetic has served in Portland, OR. Browse through before and after photos of one of our recovering patients. For more information, schedule your appointment online or call our office at (503) 783-0544.

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