Congenital Breast Problems

Within the entire realm of aesthetic breast surgery (augmentation, mastopexy and reduction) there are wide variations of breast types and problems to be treated. Most women have issues that are commonplace and are treated using routine surgical techniques. The results are typically predictable and favorable in such cases.

Some women have uncommon problems with the natural shape, size and position of their breasts. And others may have unusual problems with their breasts following initial breast surgery. These problems can be complex and may require extensive and less common surgical techniques to treat. The results are less predictable in such cases, and the achievement of optimal aesthetics may not be possible. Dr. Connall of Esprit® Cosmetic Surgeons has the experience to address complex breast surgery cases in Portland, OR.

Here are some examples of special congenital breast cases:

Tuberous Breasts

Tuberous breasts are small and constricted breasts. This is a congenital anomaly in the development of the breasts. There are many variants of tuberous breast shapes. In some cases, tuberous breasts may sag and one or both breasts can be affected.

Many treatment options are available. In some cases, breast implants alone are corrective. In our practice, fat grafting can be a preferred treatment. Traditional treatment, using implants and mastopexy, is sometimes required.

Absent Breast

True congenital absence of a breast is very rare. But, in some cases one breast may be very underdeveloped, while the opposite breast may be normal. Breast augmentation, sometimes with an adjustable implant, is the typical treatment. The “normal” breast may also need to be augmented or lifted to improve symmetry.

Severe Asymmetry

The breasts can be severely different in size. In such cases, some combination of augmentation, mastopexy and reduction may be needed to treat each side to improve overall size, shape and symmetry.

Many Portland patients suffer from special breast conditions that cannot be addressed with a general approach. Call Esprit® Cosmetic Surgeons to schedule a consultation at (503) 783-0544 or schedule your appointment online today.