Breast fat grafting case study photo 1 esprit® cosmetic surgeonsThis 17 year-old, fully developed woman had a markedly underdeveloped right breast. Dr. Connall reviewed many treatment options with her and her mother. She elected to undergo fat grafting of the right breast. She chose fat grafting because she wanted natural and symmetric breasts. She understood that breast augmentation with an implant on the right would create an artificial shape and not match the left breast. She understood that multiple fat transfer procedures would be needed to give her the best results.

Breast fat grafting case study photo 2 esprit® cosmetic surgeonsThese images were taken four months after liposuction of the inner thighs and fat transfer to the right breast. The right breast is larger and has better shape. But, to match the left breast, more fat grafting would be needed.



Breast fat grafting case study photo 3 esprit® cosmetic surgeonsThese photos were after her second procedure. Liposuction of the flanks and low back and fat grafting to the right breast were performed. For an ideal result, one more fat transfer was needed.



Breast fat grafting case study photo 4 esprit® cosmetic surgeonsHere we see the results after a third and final right breast fat grafting procedure. The right breast is soft and natural feeling. The shape and size are very close to the left breast- much closer than could have been achieved with a breast implant.  The third procedure was performed 13 months after the first procedure, as she fitted the surgeries into her school schedule. For patients that want to finish their procedures quickly, only two to three months are required between each stage.