Amber is 42 years old and was unhappy with her aging in her upper face. The horizontal lines in her forehead are caused by elevation of the brows. The “11’s” between her eyebrows are caused by frowning. She also has dynamic wrinkles around her eyes from smiling. BOTOX can significantly improve these areas in just one treatment!


After just one treatment, Amber has significant improvement in her upper face. Her Botox treatment prevents her from creasing her forehead which creates a smooth result. The “11’s” between her eyebrows has dramatically reduced. Her dynamic wrinkles around her eyes are relaxed and smooth. Combined, this has resulted in a more youthful appearance. With regular treatments, the lines will fade even further over time. Overall, the result is subtle and fresh. Amber is very pleased with her treatment.


Amber’s dynamic wrinkles in action before and one week after Botox.