The inverted “T” mastopexy is the classic technique for breast lifting. This breast lift procedure at Esprit® Cosmetic Surgeons in Portland has its name because of the scar pattern created down the middle and along the base of the breast. With this design, that portion of the scar is the shape of an upside down “T”. Like nearly all methods of breast lifting, this procedure also results in a scar around the areola.

This technique is also called a Wise pattern mastopexy and an Anchor pattern mastopexy. This method is very like the inverted “T” approach to breast reduction surgery. The inverted “T” mastopexy is for women with moderate to severe breast ptosis. This method is particularly useful for women with marked breast skin excess, such as those that have lost a great amount of weight or have experienced severe deflation of the breasts following pregnancy and breast feeding. For women with such skin excess, the inverted-T breast lift is often the most powerful mastopexy technique. 

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Inverted-T Breast Lift Technique

Like the vertical mastopexy, a central, vertical key-hole incision is made. In addition, a transverse incision is also made in the breast fold. Combining the vertical and transverse incisions allows for maximal removal of skin and shaping of the breast. In addition to skin removal and tightening, the deep layer of breast tissue may be sutured together to shape the breast as well.

Finally, the areola is slid into a higher position and the skin is closed around the areola and down the center of the breast. The final scar is like an anchor or inverted “T”, with a scar around the areola, straight down the center of the breast to the breast fold and across the base of the breast. The length of the scar in the breast fold varies according to the degree of skin excess at the lower aspect of the breast.

Like the vertical mastopexy, this technique typically does not cause puckering of the skin around the areola (as does the areolar breast lift), but it does leave the breasts very high and perky and the bases of the breasts are tight and flat immediately after surgery. Within a few weeks from surgery, the breasts soften and begin to assume a nice appearance.

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