The vertical breast lift (mastopexy) technique is for women with mild to moderate breast ptosis.

With this technique, a central, vertical key-hole incision is made. Often, the deep layer of the breast tissue is sutured together to shape the breast. Finally, the areola is slid into a higher position and the skin is closed around the areola and down the center of the breast.

The final scar is like a lollipop, with a scar around the areola and straight down the center of the breast to the breast fold. On occasion, a small horizontal scar is placed in the inframammary fold to help smooth out the closure.

Vertical Breast Reduction:

With a vertical breast reduction the areola is slid into a higher position and the skin is sutured closed leaving a scar around the areolar and down the center of the breast.

 inverted-T breast lift

This inverted-T breast lift illustration shows the final skin closure and breast shape after surgery. During the first few weeks after surgery, the breasts are very tight, swollen and perky.

vertical breast lift

This figure shows the results of an vertical breast lift after several weeks of healing. The upper breast fullness and swelling have resolved, the breast tissue has “dropped”, and the lower poles of the breasts have rounded out.

This technique typically does not cause puckering of the skin around the areola (as does the areolar breast lift), but it does leave the breasts very high and perky and the bases of the breasts are very tight and flat immediately after surgery. Within a few weeks from surgery, the breasts soften and begin to assume a nice appearance.

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