Amy patient portrait esprit® cosmetic surgeons“Dr. Connall’s work has effectively transformed the way that I see myself in the mirror. I feel beautiful inside and out, but even more important I don’t feel “plastic”. I feel as though Dr. Connall’s work helped to reveal the naturally beautiful woman that I already was but couldn’t see in the mirror. I am confident and comfortable in my body and this is projected in all areas of my life. Dr. Connall has been kind, insightful and helpful. I trust him and his advice implicitly because I know that Dr. Connall truly cares about his patients. Dr. Connall is a true artist and wishes to help his patients to be the best that they can be. The staff at Dr. Connall’s office are wonderful, supportive and kind. The fact that they know who I am when I call makes me trust their office and Dr. Connall even more.”

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