The round-shaped implant is the traditional breast implant design and remains the overwhelming choice for women undergoing routine breast augmentation in the United States, including Portland. Because of the widespread use of round breast implants, the attractive augmentations you see in fashion magazines and the Victoria’s Secret catalog are most likely achieved with round implants. Round implants can create soft, round, and nicely proportioned breasts. The availability of implants with a range of diameters and degrees of projection provides great flexibility in fitting round breast implants to any woman’s breast and body type. Esprit® Cosmetic Surgeons will help you know if round breast implants are right for you.

A key advantage to round implants is that a soft, smooth implant shell can be used. The smooth shell is generally less likely to be felt than a textured shell. And, the smooth shell causes less implant ripples, thereby decreasing the chance of visible implant rippling through the skin. Also, round breast implants are more fluid in the breasts compared to teardrop implants. That is, when the patient is standing the implant assumes a teardrop shape as the upper part of the implant collapses and the lower part fills with fluid. When the patient is lying flat, the breast implant takes a flat shape and tends to move to the outside of the breast. These changes, between standing and lying flat, appear natural and tend to be the natural movement and position a natural breast takes. Saline filled and silicone filled breast implants are both available in multiple round styles.

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Round vs. Teardrop – We Are Here To Help

Breast implant selection is a complicated process and requires a detailed consultation that includes a discussion of your goals, a detailed examination, and a lengthy discussion. We are experienced all types of the implants for breast augmentation. Round implants continue to be the best choice for the majority of women. However, some patients find shaped-silicone implants to be optimal. Implant selection is a critical step in your breast augmentation experience.


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