My name is robin and I live in Lake Oswego. I would say my friends and family describe me as someone who has a zest for life who is passionate about touching and moving and inspiring as many people as possible and uh telling my story. My initial consult was more talking than looking at anything it was okay who are you what do you want to accomplish. Dr. Salisbury not only transformed me surgically…


My name is Chelsea and I’m from Sherwood Oregon I would describe myself as being uh friendly being personable and kind of outgoing I’m a mom so I really love spending time with my son he’s 11 and uh I really love my job, I do cosmetics so I enjoy that. I was really uncomfortable uh in my clothes and swimsuits and uh yoga pants. Um physically uncomfortable, sexually uncomfortable, emotionally uncomfortable…


My name is Jana I am from Tualatin. My friends and family describe me as um very caring, very loyal, um outgoing, fun. And I love to dance which is a lot of fun. My days are pretty full between the business and uh my family and my friends and dancing. After 31 years of raising children and uh the aging process has kicked in. What I was seeing when I looked in the mirror was not the same thing that I was feeling inside…

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My name is Carissa. I am 39 years old and I live in Tualatin, Oregon. I enjoy spending time with my family and taking care of my kids. I enjoy traveling and visiting places – exploring new places. So, 5 years ago my sister had cancer and we all found out we were BRCA positive through genetic testing…

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My name’s Paige, I’m 34 years old and I live in Beaverton, Oregon. I most enjoy being a mother to my children in life and keeping the busy schedule going. I feel like it’s what I was made for. When I was about 22 years old, I think it was the first time I had talked to my mom about feeling like…

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My name is Laura, I am from Portland, Oregon and I am 32 years old. What I most enjoy in life is making memories. I love to travel – you know living life. I am a very active person so I’ve been working out since I was 18 years old, I’ve competed before and been trying to gain more muscle, specifically in my back end. So I’m like, okay…

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The Smiths

“When we started thinking about plastic surgery, we thought about 3 things. The first was our confidence in the doctor, the second was technical expertise and the third was aftercare service. I had my ears done and I think they are absolutely fantastic! Just talking to Dr. Connall you gain confidence that’s very relaxed. He knows what he’s doing. Everyone around him in the practice knows what they’re doing and it’s a very friendly setting.”

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“When I arrived for my consultation my first impression of Dr. Connall was how every detail had been carefully and thoughtfully calculated. It was a clean and comfortable setting staffed by friendly and welcoming staff, which was important to me. After meeting with Dr. Connall I felt very comfortable with the information he provided and his ability to answer the questions that I had.”

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“This experience has completely changed my life! I’ve had 3 children and areas I could not work off with diet and exercise are now gone! I was confident before but now I feel like it’s completely changed my life. I have a new body! A body that I never had, even as a teenager! I am totally thrilled and I would recommend Dr. Connall!”

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“After nursing two children I came to the conclusion that I was no longer happy with the appearance of my breasts. There wasn’t much I could do about it myself so I decided to seek some assistance. I spent several months meeting with surgeons and researching before I finally scheduled my first visit Dr. Connall.”

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If somebody told me they were interested in doing the procedure and asked me about it, I would definitely tell them it’s been a great experience and definitely something I would do over again. I think that for me, I was really nervous about having surgery and that part kept me from doing it for many years. But, now that I’ve been through the process, it really was a good experience.

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“Being a staff nurse and working in a hospital setting it was important for me to be well informed about my surgery and I knew after my first office visit that I was going to be taken care of by Dr. Connall. His entire staff made me feel respected, valued my thoughts, and listened to my questions and concerns.”

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“Dr. Connall’s work has effectively transformed the way that I see myself in the mirror. I feel beautiful inside and out, but even more important I don’t feel “plastic”. I feel as though Dr. Connall’s work helped to reveal the naturally beautiful woman that I already was but couldn’t see in the mirror.”

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“After meeting with Dr. Connall, I had absolutely no worries. I would go to him again if I were to have other procedure done. The entire experience was very pleasant, and I’m referring all my friends.”

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“After much research, and attending the consultation, I felt assured in my decision. Both Dr. Connall and staff were very caring, assuring and knowledgeable. My overall experience was perfect and the end result is exactly what I wanted.”

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“From the beginning, Dr. Connall and its staff were professional, informative and attentive to every detail. They helped make me feel at ease, and prepared me for what to expect. I can honestly say I have no regrets, and would recommend Dr. Connall to anybody. Best of all, my new tummy looks 20 years younger.”

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“Dr. Connall’s staff made me feel so comfortable and so excited to finally go ahead with this procedure. Dr. Connall couldn’t have been more organized and intelligent regarding all of my procedural questions. His level of experience made me so confident in him. Since the procedure I have gained a confidence I never thought possible and I could not thank Dr. Connall and his staff enough. This was such a great experience!”

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“I am ecstatic with the results. This experience has changed my life and it will continue to change my life. I really felt that Dr. Connall was concerned about me as a person. Dr. Connall exceeded my expectations.”

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“Dr. Connall’s credentials met the standards that I was searching for in a surgeon and he gave reassurance to all my questions and concerns. The staff is so informative and knowledgeable, as well as very kind and caring. It’s always a pleasant visit when I come into the office. My procedure has affected my life in a very positive way. As a mother of five children, I’ve regained confidence and self-esteem!!”

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“What stood out from the other consultations was the time Dr. Connall spent with me. He went through everything thoroughly, gave me my options, and answered all my questions. The surgery turned out better than even I had hoped. Everything – doctor, office, hospital, and surgery staff were great.”

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“After having two children, my breasts weren’t exactly what I was hoping for so I decided to go with a breast augmentation. Having my surgery with Dr. Connall was probably one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve ever had. I did a lot of research prior to going to see Dr. Connall so it wasn’t a decision I made in a matter of a few days, it was months and months of research until I chose him.”

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“I came in to have Breast Augmentation due to the fact that after I had children my body had changed a lot. My husband and I started interviewing plastic surgeons and I had made an appointment with Dr. Connall. My husband and I went in together to speak to him. I couldn’t believe how much time he spent with us!”

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